Zastava Yugo Cabrio The little $8,000 Cabrio was the result of a Zastava pet project inspired by American buyers' desires for an affordable, fun car.

Zastava Yugo Cabrio
Zastava gave America its most affordable convertible ever, complete with electric top
An inch taller than its hatchback sister, the Cabrio was identical in every other dimension.

Particular care went into buffering the windshield against scuttle shake. While weight remained under 2,000 pounds, this most affordable convertible ever sold in America featured an electric folding top; a heated, glass rear window; automatic folding quarter windows, and an aero body kit, incorporating fog lamps.

Under the hood, the 1.3-liter engine was either carbureted (as in the Yugo GVX) or fuel-injected (GV Plus).

The Cabrio became something of an image car, and sporadic foreign orders for it continued through the end of production in 2008.
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Easy to maintain
Affordable to run
Unbeatable value